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voice in my head

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voice in my head

Postby alisha35389@aol.com » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:13 pm

i had a dream that i was lying in bed. i was sleeping but someone was taliking to me in my head. i asked who it was and they replied "i am not the one you call god." i asked what she wanted and she said; "i can answere your questions." I asked her if i was going in the right path. she said; "yes" she then told me that; "a friend that you know of who is beautiful is on the wrong path and you need to help her, she will be very influencential in your life." i asked her if it was sonya. she said; "yes." i asked her if my friend hill was a good friend to me. she said "no." i was conciously aware that there were two people standing next to me as i lay there. they were watching but they were not participating in my dream. i knew them as familiar but i dont know who they are. my so called bad friend, "hill" came into my room with her two child cousins. i told her to go away because this was the first time my subcouncious had ever talked to me directly and i had more questions. she got mad and told me that this was her room too and that i needed to share, i got up and we began fighting. she had this possesed look in her eye that was quite frightenting. i woke up after that. what is strange is that she is one of my best friends. the last time i had a dream like this with one of my other very close friends; we had a very big fight. we have recovered since then but it was difficult. she betrayed my trust in a way. i cant help but worry a little. i feel a scence of foreboding. the girl that the voice told me i needed to help, "sonya" is actualy a friend of a friends who is a very succesful model who was a bridesmaid like me and hill to our mutual friend, karrian. we have met before on some occasions but she somehow was intimidated by me. she often says she has a lot of haters because she is attractive but my so called bad friend 'hill" says its just because she has a defensive personality or bad personality in which i agree with. any suggestions as to what this dream might mean?
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