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Recurring Theme

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Recurring Theme

Postby cheekyschica » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:41 am

I had a rather strange and very lucid dream last night. While the dream itself was unusual it did include a part that is recurring.

I dreamt that I was in a room (institutional environment) with my parents. Then just my mom who died about 10 years ago. There was also a woman there I know, former colleague. I thought it strange she showed up at this place the same time I was there. Then in the dream my mom said she had been living with this woman who was taking care of her. My mom looked young and happy. All of a sudden my mom was gone and I wandered into a place where the ceo of my former company was being waked. I saw the foot of a bed with flowers all around but I did not see the body. I saw his family grieving. Then I was having lunch with two friends and I became extremely upset because a stranger played a joke on me and hid my lunch. I walked out in a huff and then became stranded. I knew where I was but I had no way to get home. The 'stranded' situation occurs quite freqently in my dreams. Can anyone help with telling me something about what this means.


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