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two snakes

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two snakes

Postby mysteriouswonders » Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:07 am

This dreams from climbing up hills to read new books led into trying to give a child friend two sugandi which is an ancient healing root. All of a sudden the child woudn't accept it due to the fact there were snakes inside the sugandi. I wasn't in fear. I was quite happy and curious. I would represent the healing part of the snake. I let them go and this one orange and black one came out and I saw the skin and understand it represents protection from illness, which makes perfect sense. I wanted to view them from the inside of the house through a big window to watch them move about the grass. It was my mom, brother, and I watching. This big one it was huge. It was brown but turning orange but was still inside the skin even though it was trying to come off. My brother and I got on our bikes and played this beautiful music trying to lull the big snake away from the house due to its massive length. What I don't understand is the two snakes and there sizes and even possibly the environment. Any help? Thanks

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