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Please help me.............

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Please help me.............

Postby XSilentX » Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:16 am

I have been having this dream,and coincides with me,when I am awake.

I was hoping maybe you could lend me some advice as to what I should do............if it is not too much..................because I can't find anyone else to help me. So maybe you all can. So here is the dream:

I am walking through a park,and the smell of B.B.Q in the air,and children are running around and playing. I had never been to the park,but I had a sense that I had. And there is this little girl,one of those that when you see them,you can never forget,you know? And she runs up to me,and grabs my hand,and tells me to go with her. She has haunting,bright,icy blue eyes,and dirty blonde hair,and she wears blue jeans and a sweater,with flip-flops. And is around the age of 4-5.

When we get to wear she is pulling me to,I wake up.

Well,here is how it coincides with my awake life:
I am a hostess at a restaurant,and today I was taking drinks out to a table,and there was a little girl sitting,with her back towards me,when a new,inexperienced waiter walked by,and dropped his tray,and the soup on the tray,spilled on my arm,side,and leg. And I would have moved,but then it would have gotten on the little girl. And the little girl got up,and poured her cool water on my arm,to "cool it off" Then she thanked me,and held out one of her cookies,and asked "Do you want one of my CoCo Cookies?" And I could not take it at the time,(luckily the soup was not as hot as it was supposed to be,it was more like warm water) And the little girl hugged me,and that is when I realized she was the little girl from my dream. I also noticed that she had bruises,and a few nail cuts on her arms,and a cut on her face. I did not want to say anything at the time,but the more I thought about it,the more I wanted to say something. But,the girl,and her mom (who is about my age) had to go,saying they would come back tomorrow for lunch.

The park in my dream is right down the street from my work. What should I do? Does it have meaning?

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