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Odd dream I had last night.

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Odd dream I had last night.

Postby JQueen » Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:30 pm

So I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the bed in one of the bedrooms downstairs with my shirt off. There was another person there, I don't know who, but it felt like I knew who they were, and they had an empty syringe that they were sticking in my right arm, just because they wanted to; I think they wanted to see me with the tiny marks afterward for some reason, and I guess I was just kind of going along. They stuck it in my forearm, and then my upper arm, and were going to do it one last time behind my right shoulder, and then I knew what was going to happen if they did it, so I started panicking and screaming/begging for them not to; but they did. Then suddenly I started severely bleeding, and was covered in it; blood running down my back, face, out of my mouth, though there wasn't really any pain. I think they were shocked at what happened, and I got up, ran to the bathroom screaming, saw myself in the mirror on the way into the shower and started trying to wash off all the blood, hoping it would stop, though I knew it wouldn't. And that's where it stopped.

I told a couple people, and they thought that I must be stressed about something, or something bad happened, but I have hardly felt any stress; last year was a lot more stressful and I didn't dream at all that I remember, and nothing major or bad has happened.
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