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Disturbed by this dream. Will appreciate help

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Disturbed by this dream. Will appreciate help

Postby purplezen28 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:09 pm

I dreamt this in black and white:

I'm in this al fresco restaurant in one of the upscale eating places in Manila.
It seemed like the same place but different somehow. All restaurants are closed
and the day is dark like there's a storm of sorts. In the wide al fresco space are
teenage students, mostly girls, all with black coats on top of their uniform.
The dream cuts to me watching my two daughters cross the street with a black
umbrella each. I don't really see them but I know they're my daughtes. The
street is the same street in the city where the restaurants are. I have no umbrella
and when I looked to my left, there is my daughters' school bus driver asking me
to share the shawl with him so we don't get wet crossing the street. Now the shawl
is the only element with color in the dream - it has white watermark patterns on a
deep yellow/gold cloth.
As we crossed, the concrete road becomes an asphalt and dirt road. There are bumps
as we entered like the ones made by road construction workers when they dig into the road
and set aside the excess soil. The road is dark except for some twinkling lights (like
headlights from far distance cars). I see my daughters' (their umbrellas) walking farther
down the road. I ran and ran then stopped. Suddenly I am not sure if I am running ahead
of them and had to wait or if i should run forward to catch up. I looked down and
saw baby clothes and pajamas (again these are colored elements) that fell on a makeshift
roadside wooden bench. I picked them up and that was the end of the dream

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