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Running from friends, hit by car

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Running from friends, hit by car

Postby djdan88 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:55 pm

Last night I had a really memorable dream that disturbed me a bit. I was in a large old wooden house, with a selection of fairly random friends and aquaintances, as if we were staying there for the weekend or something. I went exploring down through the house and came to the lowest floor where there were 3 bowls, each having things that looked like coloured gems or crystals in them. I ate from each of the bowls and the contents somehow had magical properties although i cant remember what they did, or if they actually did anything at all, but they were magic. Following this, upstairs all my friends and aquaintances had turned against me for some reason, acting as if my behaviour was out of control. The one friend i remember told me off, and I moved to push past her but as I did I hit her shoulder with my open palm. this made her look really shocked and angry. I went to go back down to the magic bowls again, but had to fight past friends blocking me from doing this. I grabbed some of the contents and shoved them in my pockets then fled the house. I walked down the street and right past my car even though I had the keys in my hand. As I came to a roundabout, a 4wd came around it, and as i moved to avoid being hit, it swerved into me.

I lay on the road feeling battered and bruised while strangers told me not to move. At this point i couldnt open my eyes and I was just hearing the voices of the people around me. Next I was being lifted into an ambulance helicopter, and i opened my eyes. There was an ambulance lady there but she wasnt helping me at all, just making jokes. she said first that the helicopter was going to another city in another state, but when i complained she said she was just joking.

I went blank then, and then woke up in a room like the one at the blood bank, with all the reclining chairs, almost like dentist chairs. I saw my parents across from me looking concerned and they said id been asleep for 16 hours.

From here the dream got really bizarre and i cant remember alot except I was pretending to be more hurt than I actually was, and I had to get to a wedding where the same people from the house would be, and I was hoping they would forgive me for earlier because I had been hit by a car...

Any ideas?

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