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Relationship with My Crush.Cheat on him with my BF

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Relationship with My Crush.Cheat on him with my BF

Postby cad08 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:23 pm

I am watching the dream and it is a very vivid dream/while at the same time I am in the dream as my self ...So I am watching My self do and say everything. The dream takes place at my high school that I graduated from just last year. Yet every body attends the high school including those who went to other local schools in reality outside of my dream. All of my closest friends are in my dream also. In real life ..outside of my dream in reality I currently have a boyfriend and I am very content with him. But at the same time I have kept contact with a good guy friend whom just so happens to be my old crush whom I had thought that I was completely over and moved on with. However in my dream My conconous is far more content with my old crush than my current Boyfriend and In My dream I am watching Myself be in a Relationship with My crush and I feel at peace ...and Happy .., But then I cheat on him in my dream with my Boyfriend from real life. The third time My crush whom I am in a relationship with in my dream catches us and walks in on us ...But I didn't feel at all guilty or anything and I just ignored him ...my Conconous began to yell at me and tell me to chase after him and beg for his forgive-ness but I didn't and scream out wait come back I am sorry please stop .....In My dream the crush of mine whom I was in a relationship with said to me "will I ever be enough for you??" with the sadest expression on his face. ...and that's when I wake up and my heart is ponding like crazy and I feel terrible. anyhow this dream continues to re occur over and over again...,In real life about 2 months ago I asked My Boyfriend if I ever made him feel less than he really is and He said I actually do a lot. so I have been working on that. But the other stuff in this dream still doe's not make complete sense to me ...so I have located this site and hope that somebody could help me understand it a bit better. Please leave me comment's and explain to me the translation .
If any one could please help me out on understanding this dream a bit better I would be very grateful thank you . :|

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