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Subconcious mind

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Subconcious mind

Postby Amagyne » Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:17 pm

Hello all, I have a dream I would like a little or a Alot of help with. I am aware of the power of our subconcious mind and the ability to ask for dreams for guidance with our waking life issues. I am looking to move out on my own, I currently live at home with my father and I know that I NEED to be on my own. I have been looking for ways to eataking the money and going off with it.

A second time, I ask again because rn the money or find the money to move and be on my own and have had difficulty so I asked for a dream to guide me as to what I need to do and here is what I got:

My brothers and myself steal a check from my father and cash it and split the money and are getting ready to take a trip to go some amusement park. Before leaving to go we are speaking to him and he is so unaware and kinder than we are used to him being with us before we leave for the trip. I remember feeling a little guilty or bad about I didn't understand the first one and I got this one: I take some mentos candy that I know belongs to my dad and then I notice that he comes and sees me and I quickly say "dad I owe you fifty cents" as I am stuffing like 3 pieces of the candy in my mouth.

I'm lost. Any ideas.

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Re: Subconcious mind

Postby MagiusdelCotto » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:17 pm

Hm... Well, both of these dreams involve you stealing from your dad, and then 'paying for it', first because you're feeling guilty about taking it, then by telling him you owe him the money for the candy. It seems to me that you think that you should get the money to get started with from your dad, but you're worried about what the cost will be (in the first case, you feel like it would be wrong, in the second it's OK because you're going to pay him back). I'd say that you're already well on your way to making up your mind, based on the progression of the dreams (the first you did it and felt bad, the second you didn't), and that it involves borrowing the money from your dad, with the firm intention of paying him back.
Magius out.

Re: Subconcious mind

Postby angelgirlie1231 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:50 pm

also the amusement park represents an escape from reality, which i'm asuming ment that the borrowing wasn't exactly what your mind had decided for sure so it wanted a break. who knows and the mentos, those can be used for relaxation so maybe the mind was too stressed the first time so it wasn't made up then the second time you were more relaxed who knows, but i agree with MagiusdelCotto your mind is probably telling you to borrow from your dad

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