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Halloween, weird house and wolf

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Halloween, weird house and wolf

Postby schizophrenicky » Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:31 am

Last night I had an interesting dream.
It was halloween (although I am excited about halloween and just returned from a holiday related thing so that might have affected my dreams) and night time and I had a plastic bag full of candy. I was walking around giving some candy out, and was running out. I stopped by a coffee shop and found some friends of mine who joined me to give out the rest of the candy. Then we continued walking and saw beside the sidewalk we were walking on was a huge...I don't really know what to call it but it was like another sidewalk, higher up but made of snow and ice. For some reason we decided to walk on the ice instead of the sidewalk.

Eventually my friends departed and I continued walking till I made my way to this temple-like entrance. I walked through it and looked up and there was a very loooooong staircase up to a small temple. There were many mountains and fog in the distance (looked oriental, where previously I was just in the city). Somehow I floated to the top of the stairs and went inside the temple which turned out to be a house. There was a very bad feeling I got from the house, it was empty and rather messy inside and I was constantly feeling like something would pop out and attack me. I went in the kitchen and things started changing colours a lot (looked like some kind of acid trip O_O). I decided to leave because I felt really uncomfortable being there...

I started to walk down the stairs, admiring the scenery and then I entered another small temple-looking building. Inside it was very dark, and then a dark grey wolf came out (if you've played the Legend of Zelda, it looked like the wolfos) And it started to attack me. I ended up killing it and ran out of the building.

I think I woke up after that because that's all I can remember.
I know it's a really long dream and might not mean anything important but any ideas are appreciated =)

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