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Work and Trees

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Work and Trees

Postby greeneyes » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:05 am

This was a dream I had a couple weeks ago. I shared it with the other person in the dream and we are both slightly puzzled.
My co-worker and I were working together on something and deceided to just get up and go to break. We didn't let anyone we work with know we were leaving. *In real life, I have a rather large attraction to this person and I have heard he feels the same about me. However, I am married and he is single.* In the dream he puts his right arm around me and pulls me close to him so that my hand touches his chest as we walk out the building. We are laughing and excited about something. We seem to be skipping out of the building. *In real life, there is a parking structure located infront of the exit of the building.* Instead of a parking structer,there is a rather large hill. We both look up and smile at eachother. We take the long hike up and at the top are the largest, tallest trees I have ever seen. We pulled out rope and gear to start climbing one of the trees. I went up first and he followed. As we climbed we witnessed the tree next to us being cut down. It was being cut down by a mutual friend and co-worker of ours. The tree fell so hard it moved the ground and the tree we were climbing. Even though we were pretty high up the tree, we slid back down to see what was going on. When we got on the ground, our other co-worker took off. We stared at the fallen tree and without saying a word to eachother, made one hard push and watched fallen tree spin down the hill. At the end of the hill was our building...the tree took the building out. We stood at the top and watched the tree destroy our work place. We didn't run, we just stood there side by side. Not really sure what on earth this dream meant. I can guess on some of it. If anyone can help me, I would love it!

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