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I said a name....

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I said a name....

Postby Knarf » Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:36 pm


this is my first post here...I have been reading several of pages about dreams but couldnt find an answer so I hope someone can hlep me understanding this...
This is really fatal because I cant remember anything.The other day I was taking a short nap in the afternoon and I fell in a deep sleep mywife was also there...and later she told me I said following while sleeping...sorry sugar,cool sugar... and I also said a name..Christine...
Now my wife thinks I dream about my ex..but I never had a girlfriend or friend with the name Christine I dont even know anyone by this name..also I never called anyone sugar in my whole life...in addition Im german so english is actually not my first language BUT i live in asia and me and my wife conversate in english....my wife doesnt talk to me now as she thinks i dream about others... :o but i really dont know a person named christine ...and i cant remember anything about that dream.

any kind of help or ideas would be really appreciated :D

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