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Losing children/Recurring guy

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Losing children/Recurring guy

Postby BeautifulMesses » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:51 pm

I'm so glad there are people that feel the same way about dream than I do. Please help me out on these if you can, suggestions are totally welcome

Losing kids-
Hey guys, It would be good if you can help me with this one. This is the second dream that I've had that I've lost other peoples children. Two dreams so far. The parents get all freaked out and I feel bad but I'm like Um what can I do. First dream was just a blonde child, second one was a girl from high school's kid. I don't even talk to her. It was crazy.

Recurring guy-
I have these dreams about a boy I used to go to school with, he might actually still live right down the street from me. We've gone to every school together but were never really friends during high school. About five years ago I ran into him at work. He had grown up and got so hot, I was totally lame and called his house, his friend was there and I never said anything meaningful. Ok anyway I have these dreams that I run into him and I tell him that I dream about him every so often. We start to talk and everything is ok, I think we even get together. Recently I had a dream and I woke up before I had a chance to tell him I always have a dream about him. It's like I didn't get to finish it. It's weird cause everytime I wake up from one of these dreams I wonder what it is I'm supposed to do about it. I know it has some meaning but I don't know what it is.
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