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please can u say what these dreams mean

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please can u say what these dreams mean

Postby eekhx » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:57 pm

i had this dream a couple nights ago, okay basicly i am walking down this road and i see the guy fancy sitting down on the pavement. i go and talk to him for a bit and then a couple of friends come along. the guy i fancy is about to roll up a cigarette and my mate asks him for touse but he says very firmly, no im tousin her (as in me), he then starts rollin the cigarette on my knee :? SUDDENLY there is lots of ufos very close to the earth, they take control of a house nearby and it starts flying as if its a spaceship to, me and the guy i fancy run away cos we are scared i am holdin onto his hand cos i dunt wanna lose him, we start runnin down my grandads street and i go into his house there are lots of people from school who i dont talk to in there and my great grandmother who is dead, alive in my dream. my grandad falls asleep so i get up, about to leave but as im doing that he wakes up and says, arnt u takin your gcses early cos u are so clever, so i said, no im not i am to stupid. then i leave his house.......

okay the dream i had last night....

i am hanging around in the streets with a boy i used to fancy YEARS ago we start gettin with each other , then my best mate and his mate turn up, also getin with each other, my mom calls me and i have to go meet her. when i get back to our hang out spot all 3 of them have left, i get a call from my best mate saying, we are at a club then she hangs up. i walk all the way into the town to try and find them. there is a powercut and then the streets start moving. and then i wake up
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