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please advise

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please advise

Postby daniellel126 » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:34 am

okay, so last night i had a dream of my ex(which we talk daily) there is trust issues on his side, but i never did anything wrong for him to think that. so here is my dream

we were at my house and there was a man sitting in this white car - he came into my house saying i know he is going to kill me. (for which ever reason it was something about the man in the white car- girl friend and music studio) my ex is not a rapper - nor is he trying to become one. so my brother looked out the window and said he has a gun. we went upstairs and shortly afterwards my ex went to the window- and the man in the white car shot him, and he was hanging out the window. my two brother rushed to get him and my one brother rushed to his side while the other one was shooting at this man in the white car across the street from my house. my brother got my ex and i walked him downstairs i called 911 and he(ex) grabbed my phone and hit the end button. my grandmother was on the phone calling his mother when all of this happened. i remember holding him in my dream and then i woke up. :?

i do not know if he died in my dream

Re: please advise

Postby Guineapirate » Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:35 pm

I think that most of the time when someone dreams of their significant other dying, it represents your fear that the relationship will be ending. The fact that in your dream, your ex is shot, but hits the end button on the phone call while you're calling for help tells me that you feel like he was the one to end the relationship. Break ups are always difficult to deal with.

In my honest opinion, I don't know how healthy it is for both of you to be talking daily when you're broken up. Each relationship is different, but in my opinion, continued daily communication with your ex will make it more difficult for both of you to deal with the breakup and continue life after the relationship. If you guys are on a break, then it probably isn't a problem, but if you feel like the breakup is permanent and that getting back together is not possible, daily phone calls are not a good idea.

Good luck and take care.
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