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Wouldn't Have A Clue........

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Wouldn't Have A Clue........

Postby Tazzie » Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:53 am

I have had this dream 4 out of the last 5 nights and it's got me quite concerned about what it means....

Myself and my fiance are on our couch in our loungeroom, there is no other furniture in my house besides this couch and the house is empty, there is a woman and a small child walking around my house, I cannot remember what they look like or what sex the child is, the woman is pouring petrol around my house and the child is following her, they both go and sit in our bedroom leaning up against the wall were our bed normally is and the woman pours petrol over herself and the child and then lights a match, they go on fire, the fire makes it's way around my house but goes around me and my fiance in swirly patterns on on the carpet in the loungeroom and the couch catches on fire, we try to put the fire out and my fiance phones the fire brigade, I can see the burnt bodies in our bedroom, they are just burnt bones by this stage, we cannot put out the fire and we do not get burned, the fire brigade arrives after a long, long time and puts out the fire, when I tell them about the women and child they check our bedroom and the room is empty, the fireman tells me that the fire has burned them up and leaves. Our house is still standing but there are alot of holes in the walls and roof from the fire and the couch is burnt, I then say to my fiance 'you finally got your way and the house burned down'.

Then I wake up and I feel really frightened for a few minutes until I realise that it was a dream.

Any ideas?

Re: Wouldn't Have A Clue........

Postby Guineapirate » Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:42 pm

Are you contemplating some changes to your house/garden and there is some discussion or disagreement with your husband? I think the fire represents the change that you are discussing. The fact that you both put out the fire means that you will eventually come to a consensus. Although the house is damaged, it is still structurally sound, so whatever the consequences or your decision, everything will end up alright.

Good luck.
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