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confusing dream?!

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confusing dream?!

Postby Purple_light » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:20 am

hey, i would really like to nkw why im dreamed this dream
im sorry its supper long btu theres is like a few aparts to it thats what makes it confusing to me?!
plz and thank you`s.

It was on a school and i had just meet this girl we became bestfriends really quick. I can`t remember if we was skipping or it was afterschool but we decided to go to her house. On our way to her house i noticed the grass was a rich bright green the sky was a wonderful bby blue flowers where blooming it wasbeautiful and the birds where chirping. As soon as we got to her house she opend the door and there he was mah homboii they were realted.(the guy im in love with he loves me too but we cant go out becuz his leavign to traingin for the marines soon. ) We walked in and he turned around behind the couch and just smiled and turned back around to watch tv. She was showing me around and the last room she showed me was her brothers (the guy im inlove with). Before she could open the door he had opened it adn greeted me and asked me to come in .i turned around to look at mah friend but she was nowhere to be seen like if she had dissapperaed or something. so i walked in and loved the way his room was decorated and asked to watch a movie with him and i agrred to watch we was layign down on his bed just holdoing hands and huging then the tv turned off and it was dark. i realeased we was walkign down to sum room then the setting changed.

I was a store a huge sotre with mah mom and sum of my closses friends. a lady come up to my mom and tells her
+aww mary why didn`t you tell me you had another by grl+
+well ii didn`t ahve another grl shes (me) the only girl i have and the boii but hi not here+
+ well whos the bby your daughter is holding+

i looked down at my arms and didn`t notice i was carign a bby girl . all i could see was the colors she was wearing pink and a pretty flower dress. I looked down at her and everyone was frozen upset me and the by grl. i looked at her and asked her how did she end up in my arms and who was she?. everythign just went black into swirls like if i was going bak intime and which i was.. and it took me back to the place where i was goign mah homegirls house and the room with guy i fel ilove with ..den i asked is he the father and where is he . again the wirls i ened up being at school in the 10 grd (the grade im going to be in this yr) and they called me into the counserls office there was a guy in a marine suit (but it wasnt`the guy i love ii oculdn`t even see his face but i knew it wasn`t him) i greaed him and he said

+im very sorry but this well be the last letter youll recieve from him again im sorry +

he handed me the letter i took it btu didn`t open it. i was looking at him the letter and my stomach ? over and over again ii burts in tears knowing he passed away and threw him back the letter!!! i started runnign threw the halls cryign and yeallign then i was back at the store with mah frined and mom.

+ whso the bby girl your daughter is holding +
i replied, + the baby girl is my daughter+
+oh and where is the father+
i pause for a moment tooka deep breathe and said+ his in heaven+
then ii woke up

not long ago i dreamed abotu the same bby but she was already like 6mnths but i can`t see her face at all.
its really bothering me that i couldn`t see the my friends face nor the bbys nor the guy in the marine suit that gave me the letter
plz help

ii told the guy i said thats leavign to the marineds suit the storyy and me and him aare wonderign y ??

thank you:D
..................... Started as a crush........................
[ && ended up meaning e v e r y t h i n g in the wrld]
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Re: confusing dream?!

Postby Sheena » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:34 am

Purple_light wrote:we was skipping
Purple_light wrote:She was showing
Purple_light wrote:look at mah friend
Purple_light wrote: i realeased we was walkign
Some reasons it is unreadable nonsense and will not get an answer.
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