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Please help me analyze symbols or underlying meanings

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Please help me analyze symbols or underlying meanings

Postby gabriellashl » Thu May 23, 2019 5:15 pm

I was at work, finsihing up my closing shift. I had to make an infrence that it was the winter time. I did not know this prior in my dream, but had to make an infrence ebcause it was pitch dark by 7;30 and the air was brisk and cold. Right before closing, there was a man who came in and ordered something to drink, I dont remember what the drink was specifsally. I rememeber this man being older, possily in is fourities. He was tall, close to 300 pounds and had the sterotypical image of a homeless person.

After I served his order, he sat down at the seating area. I began doing my closing shift. It was a very regular shift, nothing out of the oridnary happened.

In my dream, everything was very normal. The imagery was very accurate and vivid. I felt like it was somethign I have lived before. I could smell,hear and touch everyhing around me.

On my way out the kiosk and into my car, I remeber grabbing my backpack. My bag had all my essinstils in it, including my phone and wallet. I pt on my jacket and clockedout, in the mindt of doing this I said good bye to my managers. Again, everyting was very normal, notig was out of the blue.

The weird parts of my dream begin here. As I walked out of the store, I noticed the sign advertising strbucs was musplace.d I rmeber feeling confsuion, bit ddt have an extreme reaction. As I porceeded making my way across the parking alot, I had a sensaion that I was feeling dollowed. I couldnt hear anythign around me because a train was passing by. In reality, my grocery store is located right next to a train track.Once the train passed through, I tunred around to see who was following me. I didnt see a face or a person, but I saw a shadow.

As I got closer to my car, I tripped on a curb. While I was tripping I had my eyes closed and turned up on my bacl. It didnt hurt at all. All though, when I opened my eyes, the man from the seating area was extremly cose to me and pinning me to the ground. He had a very creppy smile, and broken yellow teeth. As I was starting at his face,I started acting hysterical and screamed for help.

All of a sudden, I woke up.
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