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Sun burns, escaping, steam train, parachute

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Sun burns, escaping, steam train, parachute

Postby nk2002 » Wed May 22, 2019 6:13 am

Honestly my dream felt like some apocalyptic movie. I only remember some parts but wish I could remember the whole dream since I thinks it's very symbolic.

The start of the dream was based on the idea that you can't be in direct sunlight since apparently there was no ozone or protective layer in our atmosphere so it would cause you to feel sunburn quickly appear although I never saw it just felt it. The streets of an unnamed town were empty, with SWAT like personal patrolling the streets keeping people Indoors and running between buildings to avoid coming into contact with the sunlight. I think I had some involvment with the SWAT team but it's quite fuzzy. Next I found myself at my grandmothers house winding shut her roller shutters so no sunlight came in. She got a little bit burnt (although I never saw it ) but she didn't care at all. The roller shutters kept appearing open constantly so I'd have to keep closing them. This segment had something to do with cake as I seemed to have been eating some.

The next section still apace with the sun theme involved some sort of theatre or performance hall with heaps of people hiding inside. If I remember correctly I think people hid behind the seats which went up in rows. The seats faced towards a massive glass window which didn't help in the situation we were in.
Thats all I remember for the sun section.

The next section sort of continued on from the previous however I woke up inbetween each section somehow coming back into the dream environment.

This section involved me and I think someone else but I never really looked at them or heard them speak. It involved me walking down a street in a town centre with shops on my side. I was looking for what I believe was some sort of "Asian" or I think "samurai" man. but I can't remember. I went Into many shops asking for this person if they knew were he was or had seen him. I also remember at one of the shops I was eating either fruit or sandwiches. Another shop I went to was an Indian store. I believe they sold rugs although it's still fuzzy. I remember hearing indian music form another shop across the road and started dancing.

I woke up again since my alarm went of and fell back asleep.

The last section Involved me being at some sort of building where I found my self with school kids of whom I didn't know. We were on some sort of excursion and then I found my self in some sort of steam train. I then was I suppose flung into the air really high and had a parachute. It worked, although I didn't have much control until closer to the ground. I did land close to the train because the driver said I have to "hit the mark" I suppose meant some sort of zone to land.

I'm sure there's heaps more that happened but I can't really remember but I can only say that this was a good dream and I think holds a lot of symbolism.
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Part Time Dreamer
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Re: Sun burns, escaping, steam train, parachute

Postby PiscesRising » Wed May 22, 2019 12:01 pm

So much to think about here!

Well, you may be afraid that something is going to come to light and you're going to get "burned." Could it be that you want to have your cake and eat it too? The roll-her shut-hers are interesting as well. The fact that you are part of the SWAT team, to keep the light out, is interesting.

The theater is people pretending to be someone they're not and hiding. Hiding who they really are.

Then the steam (blowing off steam? or sexuality) train (sex), with kids on it, and then fly (sex) into the sky and land with a parachute.

This may indicate your ability to rise above it all and come out okay.
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