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Visiting Unknown Family ..

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Visiting Unknown Family ..

Postby aussie_musician » Tue May 21, 2019 5:47 pm

Dream From May 20 '19:
Dream 2:
the setting is the lounge room, of a fanmily, that i am visiting.
i'm sitting in a two seater, with back to screen.
the light is on.
this family is unknown to me.
this living room appears to be rectangular, and, parallel to screen.
there is a seat to my right, where the mother is.
she has three kids, one being a teen daughter, and the other two, are young boys.
i don't turn to my right to look at her, but i know she is there.
to my left, is another seat.
opposite, in this rather small living room, is that of a cupboard, like that of a chest of drawers.
there are two small tv's on it.
the one in front of me, has coverage of a rugby league game.
and thats what gets me thinking, about who it is i am visiting, and what night it is.
apparently the footy is on paytv, which i don't have.
the other tv, to my left, apparently has a current affair on it.
the game, between eels and sharks, could the saturday night 7:30pm game.
that does make some amount of sense (because there are three games on saturday arvo/night).
what doesn't make sense, is that of A Current Affair.
is it friday night?
well, the thurs and fri night games start at 7:55pm.
so it must be saturday.
ah yes, and while i sit on the lounge, i use my camera, to get a photo, (from telly) of that political party.
the party name is across the screen, as one sentence, and its yellow text.
and i still don;t know the name of the party.
thats fine, its not big deal.
after that, i see an old single seater opposite me, next to the telly (to my right of the telly).
its an old wooden seat, with a cushion on for the bottom, and a cushion for the back rest.
there is an arm rest as well.
its a "square" seat.
the daughter briefly sitting on, or crouching on the seat, with her feet under her bottom.
i see a spider of the bottom cushion.
i say that, and the girl squeals and jumps off the seat.
she jumps off, to her left, being my right.
the spider wasn't quite a threat to her.
she goes behind the two-seater i was on, and runs around squealing.
the boys do something.
i get up and have a closer look at spider.
its the standard house one.
then i turn around to my right, and bend over, so that the mother can check my back (while i'm wearing plain blue jumper) for the spider.
surely it hasn't gotten on me.
i still don't know who the mother is, because i dont see her face.
nor do i hear her voice.
then i sit back down on the two-seater.
the girl then sits down, on the seat to my left.
she asks one of her brothers to turn the sound down a bit on the footy.
he does so.
she wants to watch A Current Affair, and listen to it as well.
it becomes a bit louder than the footy.
well, it does seem a bit strange for me, to visit this family.
thats because i don't know them, and this is my first visit to their place.
and i usually watch the footy at my own place (or at parents when i visit them), or at the place of a known mate.
not that this awkward for me visiting them, but it is a bit different, to being at my own place.
dream ends, as i look at both tv's, while the daughter sits down to watch ACA.

any questions or comments ???
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