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Strange dream, repeating, many symbols

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Strange dream, repeating, many symbols

Postby IslandTurtle » Mon May 20, 2019 11:48 pm

I need help interpreting this dream
note: i was aware the entire time i was dreaming. i knew it wasnt in real life. this wasnt the first time ive dreamed it. the first time i woke up in the hallway. the second during the whale scene. this last time was after the fire. hoping someone can help me make any sense of it.

It started back in time in an alternate reality, i was with my now ex of 3 years and a friend playing in the snow in northern idaho. we jumped in to our jeep and were driving down the road when there was an avalanche and we were were swept into a cave, the cave turned into a building and as we walked inside it turned into a challenge. a trial. a golden dragon bore down upon us and we had to make our way through a thin hall way only 5 feet wide. there were 3 or 4 openings that lead nowhere just space to hide fr5om the flame that overtook the entire place. no scorch marks were ever made. we had to run and dodge down this wall way that was the length of a football field. the goal was to get over the red live at the end. i was the only one to make it i jumped at the last second landing with only my fingers touching the red line. the flames stopped. the dragon became my teacher. and told me i could call upon a spirit. a whale. by facing the window and focusing on the feel of water and making the sound. a giant blue whale appeared outside the window filling the room and all around with water. after he taught me to call my spirits saying it was my right. normally one could only call 1 at a time they were your familiars. any more than 1 and you would perish. i could only call 4. they start out as infants and you feed them your energy to grow them but as soon as you stop the shrink. my familiars were rats. 4 pure white rats. i could hold all 4 in the palm of my hands. as i had to feed all of them at once or none at all they grew slow. they were my children. and they liked to explore and get out of my site. crawling in the neighboors window in the night. i had to capture them and they didnt want to be. i finally found a green pail to carry them all in back home. crawled out the windown down a ladder and back to my back yard where my dragon was waiting. later i tried to summon something new. Fire. i managed to hold an flame in my palms for a brief few seconds before my dragon swift my was by my side yelling NO! that is not your Birth right! i was taken back and dropped the flame. at this time i forced myself awake.

the hallway is stuck in my head as a right of passage.
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