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Glider Plane Crashing Into Building ..

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Glider Plane Crashing Into Building ..

Postby aussie_musician » Sun May 19, 2019 5:28 pm

Dream From May 18 '19:
it is daytime.
at what looks like a holiday resort, or even what could be somewhere along the coastline of newcastle.
so i'm facing north.
see a glider or what is a remote controlled glider plane.
its flying south.
to my left, and a few metres in front of me, are some multi-level hotels or apartment buildings.
they have glass window facades.
there are people around me.
this glider plane, flying upside down, is lowered.
then it slowly crashes into one of the glass side windows, on the furtherest building from me.
its the furtherest side from me.
that doesnt look right.
then it reverses, and comes towards the glass frontage, which is closer to me.
it crashes into those windows.
thats till not right.
by now, people are rushing around, upset and panicked.
i just stay there and watch.
the glider may then come toward the building closer to me, and crash into that one.
the glider has a light blue, tip at the front of it.
then the glider leaves, or just vanishes.
then on the ground in front of me, or close to me, is a bmx type of bicycle.
its a black frame, and a no-name brand.
its lying side on, on left side; front wheel to my right.
i take a photo of it, with my digital camera, as evidence.

any questions or comments ???
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Re: Glider Plane Crashing Into Building ..

Postby sansarlochan » Sun May 19, 2019 8:16 pm

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