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Abseiling ..

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Abseiling ..

Postby aussie_musician » Sun May 19, 2019 5:26 pm

Dream From May 18 '19:
it is daytime.
am with one person who i know of, or i am with a group of people.
we are in an area of australia, which is rural, and not in the city.
wherever we are, the people are abseiling down a big rock, or a cliff.
with the rope, i am able to get myself down the first 20%, from the top.
the first 20% is only a few steps, or about the first few metres from the top.
i'm either facing the cliff, or have my back to it.
i'm fine for the first 20%.
but then the rest is just, too much for me.
its not too much for me "emotionally", its too much for me, for my balance, and where to put my feet.
apparently my woman, who is unknown to me, is there with me.
she encourages me to go the next 80%, being the rest of it, down to the ground.
she is crouched down, about one or two feet from me.
i have already taken one or two steps down from the top, so i am below her.
my shoulders are below the ledge where i stepped off.
actually my head is below her feet.
all i see of her, is her smile.
hearing her encouragement is implied, because i don't hear her.
her face is blurred/very much out of focus.
she is at angle to me, not crouching straight.
whether my back is to the cliff, she is to my right.
whether i am facing the cliff, she is to my left.
the dream ends after i see her.

any questions or comments ???
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