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driving a shrinking VW Passat impossibly

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driving a shrinking VW Passat impossibly

Postby abbynormal » Thu May 16, 2019 5:17 pm

i dreamt a long one- first i was in my place at night, in the kitchen, all the windows were with the curtains open, it was dark and spooky outside, so i systematically closed all the curtains all over the place but in the kitchen the curtains resisted closing for some reason, only with great effort did i get them to clumsily close in a crooked manner. then i found myself in the living room only it was of another house, an old one my sister used to live in decades ago, it was suddenly attached to my house, and the curtains were open therein - as i reached to close them i noticed something out of the bottom of my vision, a toddler was playing on the carpeting below, and i wondered aloud in the dream, "WTF??!!" then i turned to my right and found 3 more toddlers, one of them spoke to me as an adult, saying to me, "yes, we are here and are not figments of your imagination, our parents left us with you 2 months ago," she said with a resigned adult tone, in an adult voice. i was about to ask her why, when i found myself behind the wheel of a late model Volkswagen Passat, driving down the road, zooming up and down hills when i noticed the seat was very uncomfortably squeezing my backside, so i drove home to my folks' house to retrieve some special orthopedic pillow to put down on the driver's seat. my late parents were there just as they were in the 1970s, not aged. then i got back in the car and tried driving to work only to find i was detoured onto an impossibly steep downhill followed by an uphill which detoured further onto a steep 45 degree incline ribbon of cement leading up to mid-air with a steep drop-off of about 6 feet, with railroad ties beneath and somehow a short hop to the ground below despite the great climb. there were workmen down below working to lay down a new pavement, and i got out of the car and hopped down onto the railroad ties only to remember with a fright, "what about my car??!!" i asked one of the workmen to help but they told me to just hop back up into the car and put it into reverse, i did that and it transformed into a toy car, whose narrow width more easily negotiated the narrow ribbon until it got to about 6 feet from the bottom, whereupon i had to get out and lift the car down to the ground. and as i got back in to drive to work, i awoke. :?
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