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Dream about ex-girlfriend

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Dream about ex-girlfriend

Postby faneto666 » Tue May 14, 2019 7:55 pm

I was staying at a hotel with my little sister, cousins, aunt, and ex-girlfriend who I broke up with 4 years ago. We were in the kitchen of one of the rooms. My little cousin Ezekiel is on his tablet watching Daequan stream Fortnite. He calls over my ex-girlfriend to tell her how badly he wants to be a streamer. She pulls me to the side and starts making a list of items he needs to be a good streamer, such as a good headset and a new computer. I told her I could buy some of the items, but she told me no. She insisted on paying for everything herself and told me to wait until she gets her paycheck next Friday. I say ok. After that she heads to the toilet. I follow her in. She poops one log, farts, and then I wake up.

I am so confused by all this. My ex and I broke up because our religious beliefs differed. She dragged my name through the mud and made me look like a bad person. I never thought I'd see her in one of my dreams. I do desire someone that will do random acts of kindness for my family members. I have no idea why I watched her poop on the toilet either.
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