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Dream about playing Fortnite with my co-worker

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Dream about playing Fortnite with my co-worker

Postby faneto666 » Tue May 14, 2019 7:37 pm

The dream started with me jumping out of the battle bus and parachuting down to the island which had a candy theme. I landed on this giant lollipop just east of Tilted Towers. I pick up a blue tactical shotgun, a blue tactical SMG, and a white assault rifle. My co-worker Lauren drops down after me and grabs some loot before turning a corner. As soon as she hits to corner, I hit her for 85 with my blue tact shotgun. The game lags and she's able to get around me and start firing. I aim for her head and shoot the tact again, but I drop the gun. I try to pick it back up, but can't. Then I switch to the SMG, same thing happens. Then I try the white AR, same thing. Lauren laughs at me and drops her guns out of pity. I start running for dear life and get to this place that has 2 ramps. I take the right ramp and Lauren takes the left. I am able to pick up some stink bombs and throw 1 at her. It only takes 10 health off of her, which means she's down to 5 health. I look down and see this black trampoline pit and decide to jump in. At the bottom of the pit, I find a white tactical shotgun. I pick it up and start to shoot Lauren, then I wake up. What does this dream mean?
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