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I don't understand this dream, please help

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I don't understand this dream, please help

Postby LtKane » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:09 am

I just recently made an account after finding this site after I woke up from this weird and confusing dream. I don't understand what it means, if it means anything. I don't understand why I had it but I'm slightly shaking because it felt so real as if I was in that moment until I just..wasn't.

So my memory of this dream started of pretty calmly, I was with my mom and we were at a drive-thru at Chick-fil-a. Pretty easy to explain why I had that part, I had picked up chick-fil-a today with my mom so maybe I was just reliving the moment. At the Drive-Thru we had ordered a meal and I made a comment about how the guy in the window reminded me of Shrek? Because he was wearing green? As I said this to her I immediately felt bad because I knew the guy had heard my comment and I thought he would've been insulted. I asked my mom as she pulled up to the next window to maybe drive back so that I could apologize. Instead she proceeded to order a freeze, like the one at Taco Bell oddly enough, to be added to the order. She pulled up a bit further after that and parked waiting for the order. We talked about movies we could watch at home, me having completely forgotten about making any apology, and then left the car to walk up to the window and grab our food and the added freeze. As we walked back to the car, I was talking in weird voices as I often do in weird life and we passed these two girls (their appearance is something I forgot as I was typing this but I do believe they were normal looking) and they laughed quietly as they said The voices I were making were funny. My mom had just walked right past the girls while I stopped briefly to smile at them and say thanks before I joined my mother in the car. We then drove off from the Chick-fil-a. We were driving down a street back home, the food oddly enough gone as if it never existed, and I noticed a classmate of mine leisurely walking on a sidewalk. It was Pitch black outside and he didn't have any sort of light with him but he was walking so calmly, without any care in the world. I was worried for him and I asked my mom if maybe we could slow down and light his path with the car's headlights. She agreed but only for a little bit because she didn't want to just follow this kid all the way to his destination when we had places to be. So we followed behind him for a bit just lighting the way. He never made any indication of noticing us, he just kept walking. Eventually we followed him until he walked up to another kid that I knew who was also on this dark path. I didn't understand why he was also there and just standing on a sidewalk at night. My classmate walked up to the other kid and they talked. That was apparently a sign for my mother to just drive away now because she figured now that he was with a friend he would be better off. She drove off and suddenly we were driving down a relatively busy street. As we were driving I started feeling anxious. As this feeling started a black SUV drove fast beside us and did a U-turn in front of us before proceeding to follow us from behind. My mother didn't swerve or anything when this happened. She was steadily driving as if nothing had just happened except she seemed quite stressed and grim faced so i knew she had seen what I saw. I proceeded to ask her questions but she ignored them all as she slowed the car a bit. She told me that as soon as the Black SUV passed again she would do an immediate U turn and go back in the opposite direction. So when the black car drove past us she proceeded to do exactly what she said she would do. (I think I should mention that she wouldn't have been able to keep going straight anyway because three different railroad tracks had appeared in front of us and on each 3 there was an abandoned train cart there. Oddly enough the Black SUV did drive through them no problem) As we turned around there were a line of police lights and my mom proceeded to drive towards them. As we got closer it appeared that there was an accident. (something we maybe just missed? It wasn't here when we originally drove down this lane) but it wasn't a car accident per say. There was a big item in the road where the first few police cars had surrounded. All I can remember of the item now was of it's size,the fact that it looked kind of like a ramp, that it was white, and that the item, as well as the surrounding area, was covered in blood. the blood was what had made me assume there was accident despite there being absolutely no bodies in the area. My mom drove right beside the item with no care what so ever, parked beside it, and put her hands up as more and more cop cars surrounded us. I was freaking out at this point. I was still confused about that black car and I was wondering why my mom had just driven into a potential crime scene and stayed there as we were surrounded by cop cars. She looked at me and calmly said she did it so that since we were surrounded that hopefully that black car would not bother us for a awhile. That managed to calm me down a bit since it made sense, to retreat to an a public area with other people when you feel you are in danger. An officer came up to the car on my mother's side and my mom proceeded to exit the car and be patted down. I exited the car as well slowly and asked if I need to do anything as well but I was ignored. I repeated my question and I got a glance from an approaching officer and the officer talking with my mom but they both returned their attention to my mom. I realized at that point that she was talking about the Black car and I went back and sat in the car waiting. After some time my mom returned to the car, looked through the window, nodded at the officer who nodded back, and drove off. I then proceeded to ask my mom if she had known who was in that black car and what we were doing exactly. The question about who was in the car went ignored but when I asked if she was worried about the black car showing up again and she said that we were handling it right now. She had made a plan with the officer to drive off a bit and when we were being chased by the car again we were to drive right back to them so that they could apprehend the person chasing us. It seemed like a solid plan but I asked how we were going to find the car again and also asked once more if my mom knew who was after us. She didn't answer who it was but she said that we were going to draw him out by messing with nature. I was understandably confused again. So I asked her again who in the world is this person an why will messing with nature draw him out? She just gave me a long look and after a few seconds she just said that they grew. I didn't understand what she meant by that and for awhile we argued back and forth. Frustration increasing in both of us as we went back and forth. Me asking what does she mean by "they grew" and her just saying "They grew! THEY GREW!!!" in response to my question every time. I asked one more time what she meant and she said quieted and said ok. She never actually gave me a name. We also never messed with nature therefore summoning that black SUV which means We also never managed to return to the officers with the car following us. After my mom told me ok my vision faded to black. The blacked faded away to show a paper that filled my vision. There were drawings on the paper. Unfortunately I'm not sure how exactly to describe what I saw on the paper but I'll try to make as clear as possible. So the drawings on this paper were of plants and creatures, who had humanoid bodies, but it was kind of like a progression chart if that makes sense. Like on the top of the paper, in a row of some sort, there were various plants. From the plants there was an arrow pointing down towards different creatures, who were also in a row. There was a third row of drawings but they are quite fuzzy in my memory as well. I do believe they looked like symbols though. As I was looking at this paper i assumed that these creatures were the ones chasing us since it looked like they dealt with nature and since my mom kept saying "they grew" I figured they grew from these plants and became those humanoid creatures. I studied the paper a bit longer and when I felt that I was done with it my vision with it once again went black except when the black faded again I was in my room.

I had woken from the dream but I was instantly confused. I sat up in my bed just trying to process what had just happened. Everything had felt so real. I didn't understand how I was in the car one moment, figuring out what these creatures were and trying to lead them to capture, and then suddenly here in my bed. Laying comfortably in silence. I only had one dream that felt so vividly real before that I could recall facts from. (I may make another post after this about it once I go over the story a bit since it is a bit inappropriate. But I recall it vividly despite it happening weeks ago) this dream however, unlike the first one, has really freaked me out and confused me. So if there is anyone who can manage to make some sense of it I would really appreciate it.
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