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Can you help me to interpretation of my dreams consequences?

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Can you help me to interpretation of my dreams consequences?

Postby patelnirav45 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:35 pm

Hello Experts, Can you help me to interpretation of my dreams consequences?

Before 15 Days: Dream no 1:
I have seen my father (passed away in 1999) in my dream, we have argument on the thing. I told, this is X and he wasn't accepting that and suggest me this is Y. At the end, he want to leave the house and suggest me that he will take care of my mother.

yesterday Dream no 1:
Me and my wife (I think) was travelling in night with 2 wheeler, suddenly a dog come into way, and Dog behaved like my pet and barked in front of my vehicle and just seat above me on vehicle. Travel continue on road. At some place dog is being scared (informing me something unexpected) and we have seen black panther on right side of the road seating (relaxing). on some height. We are continuing to go from there. We stopped at some village, and their people alerted for the animal by someone. Everyone is hiding in the house, we also hide in some house. I closed the door and holding it very tightly. In next few moments, the black panther came and chasing / climbing the door to reach me, but I hold it very tightly and nothing damaged.
I feel a bit scary during dream.

Yesterday Dream no 2:
I have seen a lion and a lioness at some distance from the place (unknown home). I was scary a bit, I was observing silently them from the distance and hopping that they will go on their way, and happened they moved on.

Why I am asking to interpreter my dream?
My life is changing this time, I am moving to new home, I faced lots of problems to pay for the home, and I took too bold decisions of my life during that time. I changed my thinking and controlling the emotions. The problem is not only financial and it is family also.

Sorry for bad English...
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DM Lurker
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