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Weirdest dream I have had in a long time

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Weirdest dream I have had in a long time

Postby mortega678 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:26 am

Hi everyone,

For as long as I have remembered, I have had incredibly vivid dreams. Last nights was different than most. I am trying to remember as much as I can before it goes away. I work at a hotel, and my dream started with me walking around, ready to go home. I go and check the pool area, say hi to some people, but I notice the night is darker than usual. My hotel has a huge pool/patio area, but this one seemed cramped and small. My lobby is not small, but the lobby in my dream was massive. So I do a property walk before going to my truck and one of my employees runs up to me, for whatever reason she is wearing a dress, and she jumps on me, arms around my neck, and tries to kiss me. I tried pushing her off to no avail, and firmly tell her to stop. She lets go, and cowers in fear (kinda like a dog ((excuse the visual)). I feel bad and tell her that is not cool, so she says sorry, and we walk around the property. I notice all the sprinklers are on and there is water everywhere. The night is still super dark, the parking lot lights only lighting the immediate area around them. I am ready to leave when I see someone has crashed into the front driver side tire of my truck. I drive a red F150, but my truck in my dream is a blue 4 door Tacoma. The truck that was crashed into my truck was the same type of truck, except it was a single cab. I'm upset, cussing up a storm, when some guy comes out, gets close to the truck, tries to open the door, so I ask him "Is this your truck"? and he says "Yeah, what of it"? calls me a few names, so I lose my shit. i start yelling at him, telling him hes gonna have to pay for the damage, etc. He gets in my face and insults me, and i proceed to beat him senseless. Believe me when I say that I am not a violent person, but in my dream, I beat this man within inches of his life. I can see that I have knocked most of his teeth out, just brutally beat this man. The fire department shows up and asks what the problem was so I explain to him what had happened. As they are assisting the man, a super old couple walks out, and opens the truck door, although it wasnt the same truck anymore. It was an old timey green wagon (think cartoon paddy wagon). The old couple was freakishly tall and I asked them if that was their vehicle. they said yes and they were sorry for the damage, but just drove off. I turned back to see the man I had assaulted, and he was fine. I asked him why he said it was his truck and he just shrugged and walked away. FD leaves and I am left scratching my head, then I see a truck like mine in real life racing down the street against a city bus, drifting around a corner. as this happens, the gas station next to my hotel catches fire. I can see the people inside trying to put out the fire, running frantically. I try to run over there, but I cannot move. I just stand there watching them struggle with the flames. I thought to myself I had to tell my staff about the fire in case the place blows up (In real life, a small 2 lane street separates my hotel from the gas station), but the only thing I am able to do is get in my truck and drive away. as I am driving, the night seems to get even darker. I can only see the 2 spots on the road where my headlights are fixed on. as I am driving, I see what looks like roadkill, a deer maybe. I live in the city, so we dont see too many of those. Then I see more blood, more carcasses. Before I know it, the road is covered in blood and carcasses. I try to see what they are, but I dont want to stop to see if the carcasses are human or animal. I somehow get home, but I cannot see anything at this point. I am walking around my house in complete darkness. As I am walking around touching the walls trying not to trip, I notice it is not my current home, but my childhood home. That house was built in 1909 and was huge, but it also had a very distinct old house smell. as soon as I figured out where I was, the smell hit me. I felt this happy feeling, followed by sadness because my dad recently sold the house. I can hear my wife in one of the rooms, but for soem reason I could not reach her. We wre walking through different rooms. I kept telling her to stay in one room, but she kept moving around. The weird thing was that I kept asking her to turn on the lights, but she kept saying the lights were on, yet I was in complete darkness. I go to bed (in my dream of course) and woke up as we were walking in to my wifes cousins house. All of her family was there for what seemed like a party. It was broad daylight, but the day quickly turned to night. When it was night time, my youngest bro in law (He is a super good dude, no drugs, drinks very little, super respectful) walks in the door messed up out of his mind, coke all over his nose, with some ultra ratchet girl next to him. He is super loud and obnoxious so I try to steer him away from the family, and somehow we end up in a white chevy suburban. We end up driving back to my hotel, but now my parking lot is a disaster. It looked like demolition site, broken pallets and rubble everywhere. we end up getting stuck, so I put it in reverse, then drive, then reverse, then drive, etc trying to get out, but the more I do it, the more the vehicle scrapes, till after wa while I had scraped the whole entire bottom of the car off to whre only the seats were left. We stand up and go into another building next to my hotel, and for some reason, I am now naked. I am trying to cover myself, and a cop comes out of nowhere and starts shooting at me. Somehow I find myself at a tiki bar, everyone is drinking and serving drinks with little umbrellas, typical volcano tiki decor, straw skirts and Hawaiian shirts. No one seems to notice that I am naked, so I go to the bar and ask for the phone and the number to a cab. They ignore me so I ask again, begging them to please let me use the phone. The girl behind the bar stops what she is doing, looks at me square in the eye and says "Did he let you use the phone?" [pointing at the cop. I run out the door and he strats shooting at me again, I can see the bullets splashing the dirt around me and I am zig zagging so I dont get hit. I turn a corner and I suddenly woke up.

Sorry for the super long read if anyone did in fact read this. It was a pretty wild ride. Honestly though, you may see more of my dreams on here. some are simple, some are more intricate than this. There are at least 2 times a month that I wake up having to take certain steps to make sure I am awake. If anyone can interpret some of this nonsense, I'd be happy to hear in! -Marco
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