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Mitch Aubusson ..

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Mitch Aubusson ..

Postby aussie_musician » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:39 pm

Dream From April 9 '19:
the setting is a room, like that of a tv studio.
someone, from a tv network, such as channel 9/nbn, is interviewing, sydney roosters rugby league player, mitch aubusson.
he is almost front on, and i see his right hand side.
he is looking straight ahead, but to my right.
he is with a woman, whom i'm sure is his mother.
i'm sure she is his mother, because she looks that age.
they are seated on a cushioned couch.
she is leaning against him.
he is behind her, to her right.
she is talking about something, that apparently happened while he was growing up.
not sure what it was, perhaps a tough childhood and teen years, perhaps his father walked out on them, not sure.
it would have to be something that some families go through, some sort of adversity.
whatever it was, its not something "unique" to the aubusson's.
she is a bit teary eyed.
his eyes are bloodshot because of the sadness.
i think his left arm, is around her left shoulder.
i'm sure she is not his sister, girlfriend or wife, i'm sure she is his mother.
then, there is footage, of what is now the old sfs stadium configuration (torn down, from march 2019 to be rebuilt).
mitch and the roosters are playing another team.
i see the footage from just above the stadium.
he tries to score two separate tries.
one of them is standard, in that he goes through the opposition defence and scores a try.
that one could be along one of the sidelines.
the second and final one is rather odd.
he is within the opposition 10 metres (close to the try area).
instead of getting through the defence, he goes out over the sideline, to his right, up into the stands, up to the roof, (the old configuration), and then back down to the ground, and then somehow gets the ball into the try area, for a try (supposedly).
gee that is bizarre.
i do see the big screen.
i don't know the score.
then the dream ends.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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