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Roo And Hadone ..

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Roo And Hadone ..

Postby aussie_musician » Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:29 pm

Dream From April 2 '19:
the location is a that of a small rural village.
dad is riding a bicycle, which is rare for him to do.
i'm jogging behind him; me jogging is rare.
we are going along a small highway, that leads into the village.
we stop along this road, after seeing, or we then see a kangaroo.
it bounces past a parked car, which is on the side of the road.
i step around the car, to get the roo to me.
"come here skippy".
as i do that, two guys chase it.
they want to throw twigs at it.
one of the guys, is nigel, the brother in law of Ashley De H.
i yell at his him and his mate, to not throw twigs at the roo.
i'm sure the roo could probably hit the guys anyway.
so i pretend to throw a twig at them.
they flinch.
the two guys are about to run away, when the police supposedly arrive.
i don't see the police, but they seem to be there.
not that they do so, but they charge me with something, known as hadone.
thats just strange.
do the police even know what that is.
so dad and i get away.
while behind dad, i look at the speedon on his bike.
its under his seat, and facing out to the right.
its about the size of my hand and blue.
it looks like a clock.
and it counts up by 5's.
then we arrive at dwelling of some sort, that has a chain link fence surrounding it.
it could be one of the electricity cupboard things, that are of course, unsafe to enter, by unauthorised persons.
dream ends, thanks to my phone alarm.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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