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Going down a mountain with a flashlight + youtuber escaping

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Going down a mountain with a flashlight + youtuber escaping

Postby unnamedgrunt » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:58 am

Following path with flashlight + violence against youtuber
TL;DR: Dream about following a dark path on a mountain with a girl. And a youtuber in the second part is exposed for doing shady stuff.

Last night I had a dream. I better write this out before I forget it. The dream had two parts, so it probably has two meanings.

BEWARE!!! The second part of the dream may contain some vulgar language, but I'm using alternative words to make it sound less vulgar,
and I can promise you that you don't have to worry, because it's not much.

[Part I]:

I was hiking on a big mountain with a flashlight following a path, while I was descending
down the mountain in the night with a really beautiful dark blue sky with dozens
of starts each emitting a beautiful light. The sky was literally full of starts.
I was walking down the mountain with a girl that I studied with in
pre-college. I liked her, not really in a romantic way in real life, but almost close to it.
In real life, she is the girl that blowed my mind the most of all the other females in the world!
She is really different, and definitely stands out. We like a lot of similar things,
she is a spiritual person like I am. She is very feminine, while I'm a masculine man.

While we were descending down the mountain while looking at the absolutely beautiful sky,
and at the same time paying attention to to path that we were following, she was
laughing an giggling. I don't know what we were talking about, but she seemed to
absolutely love talking to me, and really enjoyed it. I liked it too a little bit,
but I was paying attention to the path, while she was staying as close as possible to
me, because I had the protective role. We were both dressed as backpackers, and were
having a fun time. Guys would usually have romantic feelings, and be very romantic,
but I was a very maculine man with a role to protect her, and not be affected too much.
I'm like this in real life too most of the time.

While we were descending the path, I was trying to see the path with the flashlight,
but the flashlight was not very bright, so I was struggling to light up the downwards
path. We both had to slow down, and she didn't really get scared, but she felt
a little bit uneasy, and as a result came even closer to me. Then I had a plan,
and took my smartphone, and activated the nightvision app. The path became green,
and I could see it much better. But I still had to have my flashlight turned on
aiming at the path. Then the unwell feeling started fading away from both of us.

I absolutely loved being on the mountain looking at the beautiful sky.
Having the girl in my dream together with me in one of my favorite places was
so amazing! I have not seen this girl in a long time, since last june. But just
having her with me there was such an amazing feeling. I felt like I reunited.
It's the feeling you get when you see your friend, whom you think a lot about
daily. But imagine when you go to the middle of nowhere on a big mountain with
a beautiful sky full of stars emitting light, that is magical!!!!!!!!!
I don't really have romantic feelings towards her, hut is rather that she's rare.

I felt really free when I was there. I'm from a very orthodox conservative
family. Being there without any family member controlling me was amazing. It felt like I
escaped prison in the desert, and found an oasis far, far away where they can't find me.

Now we are coming to the second part of the dream.

[Part II]:

Then while we were almost off the mountain, we were approaching a town, that had lots of
apartment complexes with about eight to nine floors. While I was holding my smartphone in
my right hand and looking at the path with the nightvision app, and a flashlight in the
other hand, I started running, and dropped both the flashlight and smartphone on the floor.

The girl who was with me sticked her hand out to me, and tried to reach me, like she was
worrying about losing me. I ran as fast as I could(I don't really know why I was running).
I was not as worried as her about losing her, but just a little bit.

I was going from one street with the apartment complexes, to other streets with apartment
complexes. I was so desperate running around. Then once I reached a certain street, I looked
up at one of the apartmens, and saw a youtube content creater that I know looking at me from
the highest 8th or 9th floor.

I don't like this youtuber in real life. He was so friendly, and seemed very understanding
in his videos, but once I joined his group, where things were happening behind the scenes,
I saw his true nature. He's an absolute disgusting human being lying and cheating people.

He's claiming to be something, but realizes that the certain group that he claims to belong to,
he can't make money out of it. So what's the point if he can't make money out of it? He
backstabs the group really hard, and a lot of people hated him for that. I tried to expose his
true nature before he backstabbed us, but nobody took me serious. Now that it happened, those
who didn't believe me started apologizing to me. I told them that I could've done the same thing,
and that all is good. That guy is a self absorbed narcissist.

Back to the dream now. He was looking at me with that really condescending face, and making
fun of me by looking at me a certain way. Like he was telling me that he will keep scamming people,
and I won't be able to do anything about it.
I wanted to absolutely beat this guy's **ss. I stormed down the building to go get to him,
and beat him up for what he did. What exactly did he do? He talked to a minor girl on youtube
about her (you know what I mean) fetishes. How she wanted things happen to her.
He's a guy almost in her thirties talking to a minor girl about inappropiate stuff.
I was thinking about that while I was chasing him to the top floor. Because it's unforgivable
according to my own morals.

Once I got to the top floor, I saw him. He ran towards the wall in the corner, while looking at
me, and then he spread his arms, like he is ready to escape in any direction. I was about to beat
him up, and then he ran away. He was laughing and told me that I would never get him.

I followed him from building to building, and it took a very long time to get him. I saw a pattern,
and predicted that he would come down the stairs, and I would put my foot down to trip him. He was
running around and jumping like a monkey. Like he was very lightweight. I heard him yelling and
screaming. I put my foot out, and he tripped over. He was on the ground looking at me and he was
telling me through his body language that he's caught, and about to get his **ss kicked.

He had these watery puppy eyes to spark compassion and sympathy.
But I was having none of that, because I'm not a very emotional person by nature, let alone
be manipulated.

I was going closer and closer to him, he was closing his eyes, and accepting
his fate. But then I saw police cars approaching, and helicopters shinging lights everywhere.
We were in the bottom floor, and the police eventually arrested him. He guy was convicted
of p3d0philia, and sent to jail. I was calmed down, and happy that he couldn't scam people
and spread the wrong message anymore. But he's still walking free in real life.

I didn't want to dox this youtuber, but be very careful of some youtubers. They might look friendly
and normal at firs sight, but some of them might be actual disgusting people only having their
own interest at mind, and make money at the expense of other people. Take most things with a
grain of salt, and always keep your eyes open. This is a bit off-topic, but I wish you success.

Thank you for reading, I know that this was long, but what do you think the first part and the
second part of the dream mean? Or do they both have one meaning? What is you interpretation
of the dream? Let me know, and thanks!
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