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Some dream this morning. Frightening and somewhat thrilling

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Some dream this morning. Frightening and somewhat thrilling

Postby kotaguy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:16 pm

Its been a couple hours since I awoke from this dream, I went right back to sleep after awaking from it in a startled manner, so I won't be able to vividly recall everything I experienced. It had to do with a fear of mine, that is driving in a vehicle on a narrow hillside. I'm sure many have experienced the unnerving sight of being feet away from a cliff or drop that won't allow a driver to make mistakes; unless you wanna die.
So the dream started where I was on this bus with a multitude of passengers. The sight out the windows was somewhat devoid and empty of anything except for ugly dessert land, that occasionally rolled into hills, valleys, or mountains off in the distance. (These are elaborations to give a general idea of where I was.) So as the bus kept travelling, we started to approach and climb the back of this mountain that bridged to an even taller mountain (Yikes). We got to the top of this mountain and started to cross this very narrow bridge of land to the next mountain. I tried to ignore the fact of where we were. Although, when I started to anticipate driving off either side, I saw us start veering towards the left edge of this bridge of land. We have now lost our ground and sailed off the mountain down into the ground. We were still falling, it seemed so slow and unbelievable and real, at how we kept falling. I looked and realized how there wasn't even a driver anymore.
But from there, I woke up and realized it was all just a dream. I wish I know how to realize in a dream I'm dreaming, I've only ever reached that state of consciousness in a dream once, and right after realizing this, I awoke. So dissatisfying. But there is my dream, no matter how unbelievable it felt, I still fell for the antics of my mind.
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