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Dreaming Big

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Dreaming Big

Postby cenzara » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:24 pm

mostly here is written just stories of people's dreams and their fantasies.
this topic is going to be a bit different and by that i mean, not about a dream, or what happened in it, i will write about a whole challenge i have been up to my last 2 years. it was about 9 month ago i think, that i last used this site. while i was scrolling down my old topics, i found out that exact problem i have right now. it turned out, that about a year ago, as now, i had a very strange, mystic and confusing situation about dreams. before i go on, i want to know if u ever had a deja-vu . cause if that's so, u will understand me way easier. just imagine watching a movie, TV or just something in ur phone, a photo or just a post on social media, imagine u are listening a music, and suddenly u remember something. something that makes u feel kind of like deja-vu but still, way different. u have a feeling of being safe, as u would be at home, and just being happy. u feel happiness. and u remember urself being there. well some might think thats it a normal deja-vu and they are wasting their time just by reading this, but trust me, its nothing like deja-vu. deja-vu happens while u are in motion, when u are the real character of an "already" happened moment in ur life. but in my case, its just that i dont see myself there, i just remember that i was there. i was there for example in that place someone posted on social media. i remember being somewhere while listening to this very music and ect. its just very strange and confusing for me. and thing is that i had this last year too, it was gone and now i have it again.
i just wanted to know what it is, is it a disease, its a common thing to remember about 3 old dreams from ur very deep memories every day and feel that strange way on each one of them.
maybe u can help me, cause i am really lost in my reality and my dreams.
hope i wrote an interesting post.
ask me if u have questions about this.
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Dream Child
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