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Had a dream with doppelgangers

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Had a dream with doppelgangers

Postby KalamaXander » Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:19 am

This dream was originally very funny and then turned dark. At first, it was narrated by a bird's eye view with a male narrator but the turned one person. One was disguised as a harry potter book and the other a math book. Some kid asked for the math book from my math teacher and he gave it to them. One killed the kid and the other tormented my math teacher with visions that he lost his job there. The one that killed the kid turned the kid inside out and then there were multiple faces underneath his skin. Imagine Envy from FMA: Brotherhood except turned inside out, covered in blood and screaming. After the kid was killed the outside narrator disappeared saying something like your problem now. They both managed to escape into the world. I entered the school. And found my math and English teacher freaking out. I was told I was in danger because my doppelgangers had been released. I woke up but when I went back to sleep had the dream continue. I was in a dark alleyway in this dream and me and my doppelgangers were fighting. I had one of my friends with me, but the doppelgangers were winning. I then woke up and typed up this.

Also throughout this dream things kept slipping through cracks in the ceiling. I think they were the harry potter book holding the doppelganger and a long piece of wood. The whole ceiling was perfectly normal except for those two things falling.
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