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A Yellow Train Station

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A Yellow Train Station

Postby JamesWilliamWatson » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:05 am

2 weeks ago, I dreamed about a yellow train station that had a clock tower in the middle of the central lobby, 2 lobbies on both sides and a tennis yard near the gate. Let me get more specific. From the gate, you can see a small tennis yard to the right of it, in the yard. There is a Chihuahua standing there. When you go into the yard, there are 3 lobbies. There are 2 lobbies on the right and the left, and one in the central. There is also a clock tower in the middle of the central lobby. I dreamed about this three times, they just like continued each other. In the first dream, I saw myself following my parents to the train station. We got into a room, to the right of the clock tower. There are some Catholic women there, and some maids cleaning stuff. There are also lots of desks. While my parents were talking to a Catholic woman, I discovered there is a yellow-skinned girl going with her parents too. We befriended each other, then I and my parents leave the train station. In the second dream, I went with my grandfather and some of my friends. The first thing came into my eyes was the baby chihuahua in the tennis yard. Then I split from my team and tried to find the girl I met in the room. I couldn't find her, I ran around the train station. Couldn't find her either. Then I went to the left lobby, stood and watch the Chihuahua. I looked to the left and saw some people sitting on a bench, a man pulling a wheelchair that has an old woman sitting on it. I couldn't find my companies. I waited and saw my grandfather. Then my other friends came with me and we all went home. In the third dream, I saw myself going to the train station with 2 other friends. I ran to the room that I saw the girl, couldn't find her. There is also no desk, no maid, only the Catholic woman my parents talked to. I ran to the left lobby, stood at the place I looked at the dog in the second dream. The dog has finally become an adult. I turned left and saw the same people with the same action in the second dream. Then I lost my companies again, then I find them and the dream end up with us living the train station while I'm still missing the girl. Basically, it's all about the love of my character for this mysterious girl. How can I dream about a train station that I didn't see it in real life? Why was it so real? Some other dreams also mentioned the girl I met, are they really connected to each other? And is it my lost memory, or Deja Vu? Or further, a person who I shouldn't have remembered memory?
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