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New user, strange dream

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New user, strange dream

Postby NOID » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:55 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to start with saying I'm a new member and I'm here looking for some help explaining the dream I just had.

Wanna say some things about before my dream in case they have anything to do with anything And to set my dream a little. I work at a big auction place in side of really big wear houses. (They were old airplane hangs) they're 2 rectangular building and each building has been seperated with internal walls making them in to 6 separate sales rooms. Every Wednesday we have this thing called late night and once a month on a Wednesday you have to work an extra 3 hours to hand out items to customers ( not a fan of doing it myself). I got back home from work on the Wednesday ( it wasn't my week so I didn't have to stay behind)

My dream started at work on one of these late nights. Was a normal one but I was taking this new guy from work with me to the room we were going to hand out in. And we noticed that the police had barracidged the main entrance to the site with their cars. They warmed us that on the part of the car park opposite the main entrance was 3 people standing with guns. Other than this the late night went as normal, we handed out items as normal. We came toward the end of the shit and I went to check out side the site to see if there was any customers left on site so we could we go. I should a really pretty girl there, she was wearing one of the employs jackets and couldn't tell if she like robbed one or was just a new starter. Anyway I went over to her and I said that we're closing soon and they have to leaving, we started walking towards the main entrance. On they talking I found out that she knew my girlfriend and that she didnt like her. After that we started talking about general rubbish and I was enjoying the conversation. Then once we got to the main entrance the people that had guns on the car park started shooting and shot 3 customers. I dropped to the floor ( to get shelter from the hill bank things) and noticed that the girl I was talking to was still standing, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground to and told her that we need to start crawling and we started crawling across the floor like proper army style. We got back the the front of the room I just came from and I turned around to help her up and noticed that 2 of the guys that had guns were talking up towards us, so I quickly helped her up and told her to get in. We both hide behind the wall next to the door of the room. My supvisor was in this, checking the room and getting ready to close, we frantically told her to hide and that there we people with guns. The door opened and one of the guys came in holding a revolver. Me and the girl jumped in and started trying to wrestle him to the wall. The next guy came in with a shot gun and turned towards us wrestling that guy and and then our supervisor charged the other guy in like a rugby style. He turned round and they were both wrestling for the gun. Terrified and like high on adrenaline I pulled out my knife ( a yellow cheap little box cutting knife)and just start stabbing this dude we we're wrestling like a good then times or so and doing like twists stand towards the end of them. I then grab this guys revolver and shoot at the guy my supervisor was wrestling. I shot 2 bullets at him, the 1st one hit him in the chest and the 2nd hit him in the head. I like them ran to my supervisor and then helped her and a checked to see if she was alright while she was grabbing the shot gun. Then I checked to see if the girl I was with was all right. I saw the guy that I just shot start to twitch, to try and stop it by holding up the revolver to the bottom of this guys spring and shot (I really don't get why I did this, it made no sense) when I pulled the trigger the gun just clicked. It was out of bullets.shortly after we started hearing gun shots outside the room and they were getting closer. We all ran and hide behind the door to the entrance and then this dude with a rifle came in and I just pistol whipped him. He fell to the floor and my supervisor just shouted no and ran over to him, she put his head on her lap and she said that he was her husband. She hadn't seen him in a few years and that she ran away from him, he was this big like gangsta/ Mobsta kinda dude and that he was kinda a nutjob. He woke up and they started kissing.

Outside of the dream, the doorbell rang and woke me up. Do you guys have any idea what that means at all?
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