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Too Many Significant Pieces to Sort it Out on My Own

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Too Many Significant Pieces to Sort it Out on My Own

Postby jinnufr » Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:21 pm

Hi - I'm new here to the forum. Been checking out the dream dictionary for a few years now and just realized there's a forum. (Just got desperate enough with this dream to see if there's more info somewhere I guess. haha) Anyway, ought to be fun reading!

I dreamt that a dog was peeing on a grooved table (they were long rectangular tables like you'd find at a function, but they were pushed together to make one big square one)
The dog pee first ran toward my brother in law, who is also my pastor and a very polished person, but he simply picked up his notebook where the urine stream was flowing and it totally missed him.
Then the dog was on our end of the table and as it became clear that the dog was going to start peeing there, I jumped up from my seat and moved away quickly while my husband, in his effort to move the dog, simply re-directed the urine stream and it was now pouring straight off the table and into my brand-new purse! There was no way to stop it and my purse was on the ground to the left of my seat, but the woman next to me had her chair leg somehow inside my purse so I couldn't move it. Urine was flowing off the table and into my stuck purse. I'm pretty sure I fussed at my husband. (Also, I noticed, in passing, that the dog's backside was a hug ugly red mess of something best avoided.)

Once I got the purse free from the chair leg and started trying to clean it out, there are two things that happened:
1- The chair leg lady wanted to pray for it. She kept trying to pray over it, but her hands were in my way and I couldn't clean my purse fast enough with her dang hands in the way. I fussed at her and she ended up leaving me. She was now across what became a room and as she was going out a doorway she turned back and said something I can't recall. I wanted to know why she had to either stick her hands in my purse and pray or do nothing at all - couldn't she take her hands out of my way and still pray?!? Why did her hands have to be IN my purse to pray for it? (I'm not clear if that last part I said to her actually happened in the dream or if it's what I was wanting to say to her when I was waking up from it.)
2- In the process of cleaning my purse I had to pull 2 pretty significant wads of cash out of it. And it wasn't any big deal. Dream me evidently was used to having wads of cash in her purse. haha. The lady who was trying to pray for my purse wasn't trying to take any of it - I do know that.

This dream was several days ago at the onset of the flu, but I'm still thinking about it. Funnily enough, I keep imagining the best way to clean it out! hahaha Well, that and why the darn lady felt like she had to be in my way to pray or not pray at all. lol

I looked up urine, dogs, chair and praying. I forgot to look up purse - I'll check that now. I'd love to hear if anyone has any insights on this one. Thanks! :)
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