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Dream Intrepretation

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Dream Intrepretation

Postby aleywebb » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:14 am

I want to start off by saying I rarely have dreams. When I do I hardly ever remember details, besides a few. My BFF (I call her my sister) and her husband are coming down to Atlanta where I live this weekend so we can celebrate sis birthday. I woke up this morning to a terrible dream involving her and for some reason I remember majority of the dream..

So in the dream:
I got off work and I am driving around my sis, some guy who is NOT her husband but is obviously someone trying to get with her, and two other "friends" of ours. Besides my sis, these other 3 friends we don't know in real life and yet in the dream I feel like I DO know them and we are all familiar.

I'm on my way to drop them off somewhere in Atlanta but i was rushing against time. This had me frustrated plus we're in downtown ATL so I'm confused with GPS instructions. Everything is laughs and cool until I get to some weird ass intersection I couldn't understand. I couldn't understand the flow of traffic and if I remember correctly my frustration was making me impatient. I'm not 100% where the frustration was coming from- I think it was partly the rushing for time thing but maybe more to that?

Anyhow I had a green light and continued forward during this crazy intersection but other incoming traffic from MULTIPLE directions were also driving and honking at me- we barely missed an accident. Just as I was pulling into a gas station someone hit the very edge of my trunk on the right- but we were so happy to be alive I didn't do shit about it.

As we stopped, my sis and her boy toy? Get out the car cause his homeboys were gonna pick them up from there. He rudely said something along the lines of "You must be jealous". I LITERALLY remember thinking "You're not even her hubby- ER wait I can't say that he knows that." Instead I reapond, "if I wanted you gone sis would get rid of you ASAP!"

Instantly a SUV rolled up. Boy toy tries to introduce our other two friends and I immediately say "I have kids to go home to- any ninjas step out this car you're riding with them. " The friends apologize but get out the car as I'm franctically trying to get my GPS to work.

Just as I've got my my phone to work and I'm bout to close my car door (not sure why it was open?) Some guy drives up in another SUV. This guy gets out the car and stars shooting everyone in the head. In started off by walking to the SUV my friends/sis/boy toy were in. Pop pop, proceeding to kill each and every one of them in the car and all witnesses to the scene.

I immediately haul ass, they're shooting at me but never get me. I remember worrying about my sis but at the same time thinking about how I was gonna run around this very RED abandoned building, cross the street, hop a fence and lay there in the leaves. Which I did. The ground behind the fence was covered in dead brown leaves- like during fall. I laid on my back huffing and puffing, listened to the guy seemingly look for me then SKRRR off in their car.

I woke up to the screeching of the fleeing vehicle.
Sorry for any mistakes I'm typing this from my phone. Again I rarely remember details but I can remember the "jealousy" convo we had, the red building I ran around and the wooden fence I jumped, the leaves, the frustration I felt going thru the traffic.. I really need to know if there's meaning here. Again my sis and her husband are visiting me in a few days and im hoping this isn't a warning for her or I guess me too lol

Thanks guys

P.S: also, my sis was wearing white, bright blue, and the third color I thought was a bright green but some reason when I retell the story, I keep saying gold... The other 3 characters (the two friends and the third guy trying to get with my sis) they were all grayscale. The one friend of ours who was a guy, he did wear a red shirt.
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