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Modeling in Fashion Show - Wrong Shoes

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Modeling in Fashion Show - Wrong Shoes

Postby gapeachntn » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:45 pm

In my waking life the my husband has betrayed me. His ex wife used blackmail and extortion to get him to leave me after a short marriage. Mind you, this man BEGGED e to marry him and refused to let me go the thousand times I tried to break up with him. His ex is narcissistic and bipolar and has abused he and his kids for years. as a Christian woman, I've been praying for him even though he's done me so very wrong.
The Dream: I dreamth I was a model and was at a fashion show. I was more of a spectator at his particular show just kinda walking around socializing. To my left, I saw my husband sitting down on the front row in the audience that was lined in a row going down the side of the runway and he was seated quietly at the end furthest from me. He had kinda an expressionless look on his face not happy or sad just numb maybe. At that time, someone I was familiar with who was in charge of the fashion show came over and unexpectedly asked me me to walk in the show but I wasn't wearing high heels like models are supposed to wear in a fashion show. I was wearing some simple flat shoes and didn't have any high heeled shoes with me. I was feeling embarrassed to walk down the runway in front of him cause I wasn't in the right shoes and I wanted to impress him and do a good job to win him back somehow I guess. I was afraid I wouldn't do a good job and would be humiliated all over again like when he abandoned me and our marriage in my waking life. if anyone has any thoughts, please share. Thank you kindly.
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Re: Modeling in Fashion Show - Wrong Shoes

Postby Varzandeh » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:09 am

Shoes are interpreted as wife or husband.
If one dreamt he had a new pair of shoes means he will marry or will have a g/f.
If dreamt his shoes were black means that woman is rich, if it was red means she will
be chaste, if it was yellow means the woman is ill.
If one dreamt about leather shoes but didn't wear them means he will receive some
If dreamt he wore the shoes and tied the laces means he will go to a travel.
If one dreamt he wore shoes for traveling in the desert and tied the laces but he had no
provisions and was alone means there is a death danger.
If dreamt he sold his leather shoes or gave it to someone means his money will waste.
Shoes may also mean 1- wife or husband 2- g/f 3- power 4- livelihood 5- a travel 6-
Death if he was alone in the desert.

If one dreamt his/her heel was broken means will do something that will be sorry.
If his heel was hurt means the same.
If dreamt cut his heel to give fierce animal to eat means will spend his money for the
If dreamt his heel fell down means will lose his job and will be short of money.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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