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Showing love to homeless dying cat in final days. Pls help m

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Showing love to homeless dying cat in final days. Pls help m

Postby Vmlipsys » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:31 pm

this dream was all from my POV (point of view) visually. Everyrhing i saw in my dream came from my eye view only and always. I never saw myself doing any of this as an onlooker. I dont know if that changes meanings as i cant recall EVER having a pov dream in full.

My dream started in a vet clinic. I was in waiting room (but didmt have an animal with me?? There was an adult (white with some orange markings) feral female cat in a cage and I heard the male veterarian speaking with female receptionist regarding how upsetting it is due to how far she had come since he was treating her medically from when she originally arrived. He had discovered she was terminal. It was sad because she had given up fighting. She wasnt eating, wouldnt struggle like a normal feral anymore. She was literally lifeless. The veterinarian said he has no other choice and she was scheduled to be put to sleep that afternoon as she had less than a week to live anyway and there is nothing he could to save her.

I pleaded with him to let me take her home so she can atleast feel loved before she passes. I said “everyone and everything deserves to have love in their life”. He let me take her home (long story short) lol

She wasnt scared at my home, she wasnt scared of me. She literally had given up. Wouldnt eat/drink/move… even soiling herself without a shift.

I cared for her round the clock, fed her, syringed her water/glucose, bathed her with warm face washer.. I gave her constant love and attention.

I fell inlove with her and her will to fight was returning. She even meowed for the first time around day 5 . Anytime i left her she would lift her head and follow me with her eyes. She would pur when i pat her while always saying kind loving words.. she felt loved for the first time in her very sad hard life and i felt the love and appreciation radiating out of her directly to me. I spent 24/7 with her to ensure she would never be lonely, scared, hungry or dirty. I made sure she was comfortable and clean in her last days so she could pass peacefully with dignity…

Day 7…. she was purring on my lap and had a light in her eyes and i could see she genuinely just wanted to spend forever with me by her side. Her first experience of love… then…

Her head turned and looked up to me scared, her upper body started to tense up and her right paw curled under in a crippling painfully looking way. She looked at me scared and confused, she knew it wasnt me doing it as i was crying while trying to comfort her and continue to tell her “its ok to go baby” “you dont need to fight anymore” “thank you for being here with me, your a beautiful girl and you deserve peace” “its ok to go baby”. With her head still facing up with her eyes locked on mine her right pupil went huge and left small and a twitch went through her body and she tensed up all over then went completely lifeless. She passed away on my lap in my arms with me sobbing and i was feeling mixed emotions. I was sad she had to go, i felt guilty that she was finally feelimg safe and loved but then looked at me with fear and the absolute desire to live and wanting me to help her. I just sobbed.

I have been physically and emotionally drained and unstable since i woke up 23 hours ago. I am fine and I know it was a dream and not real but i feel the emotions (both mine and the confused finally found love cat as its dying and wanting me to make it ok).. i have not cried like this about a dream. I am breaking into uncontrollable sobbing whenever im feeling the emotions because then i see it playing out her last spasm and eyes as she dies. Im happy she finally experienced love before passing so im confused and going out of my mind trying to find meaning in the dream as a whole so i can consciously reason with myself so my subconscious doesnt repeat the dream over and over because im seriously drained now. Any ideas?
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