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Dreaming of deceased in Pregancy & Miscarriage

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Dreaming of deceased in Pregancy & Miscarriage

Postby kajal.aidasani » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:23 am

Hello, we lost our mother 1.5 years back. She's been visiting me often in my dreams offlate. I am currently pregnant, but as of now my father & siblings are not aware. Before her demise mom knew we were trying for a child desperately & would always say that she has to be with me during my term.
My last dream (last night/ today morning - not sure), I was with mom at our home back in our hometown (a house which was very dear to her), we were talking & I start to leave, but I then come back, hug her & shared my pregnancy news with her, she hugs me back tightly. My other dreams with her are different - like I am at a party at some unknown place & she's there too, OR, I had a fight with my brother & she's around - though most of the time she isnt saying anything. Needless to say, I miss her dearly When she left us, 1 regret I had was that she's leaving without seeing my baby.

I had had a miscarriage 7 month back, I had dreamt of my deceased aunt (mom's sister - who did not have children, but loved her siblings' children dearly, she was the go-to person for everyone in the family. We lost her in 2009. Though I respected her a lot, but was not close to her). It was the time just after my miscarriage, where I was emotionally very weak. I dreamt that I was in my in laws place (aunt had expired before my marriage), lying down on my bed, she's come to me, sat besides me, held my hand, kept patting my head with her other hand & had a smile on her face. I look up to her & shed silent tears. After waking up an inner voice just said that maybe she came to tell me - I know how you feel, dont worry, stay strong we are with you. Prior to this I do not recall having dreamt about her. I am actually surprised that 7 months down, I still remember the dream well.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Dreaming of deceased in Pregancy & Miscarriage

Postby Wakinyan » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:22 pm

Those are nice and comforting mother figures that appear in your dreams when you go through important changes. I think it is very good for you, and would advice you to just keep these experiences within you, keep them safe an carry them with you along the way. That way it will heal and strengthen you, I believe. Some dreams are not for interpretation on the internet, as it were.
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