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Dream Interpretation Help

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:07 pm
by skoehler

I had a dream last night that shook me up a little bit. I have been trying to determine what the dream means to me but seem to not be getting very far. In my dream I was pregnant and recall placing my hand on my small bump feeling excited and saying 'Its a boy!'. Then I realize I can't be pregnant since I don't have reproductive organs. In my real life I had a total hysterectomy almost 3 years ago. I have had dreams before where I am pregnant since my surgery. However, this is the first time I realize in the dream that I can't physically have a child.

Would this still be in regards to a project or something new I am undertaking? I have recently started a new position at work. But I am not sure if the dream may be tied to that...Thoughts? I appreciate your help!

Re: Dream Interpretation Help

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:21 am
by Varzandeh
Pregnancy is a symbol for a big amount of money around $5000 as a loan or a bonus.As much as the belly was big .It will be in a two months interval. Even men may dream of pregnancy that means the same, a big money.

Re: Dream Interpretation Help

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:20 am
by skoehler
Thank you for your help!