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Haunting and reoccurring dream

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Haunting and reoccurring dream

Postby Isle » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:36 pm


I'm hoping someone could perhaps shed a little light on a reoccurring and somewhat haunting dream I've been having lately. A little background information first though. I apologize in advance for the length of my post.

I've always had a rather odd relationship with sleep and in particular, dreaming. From the age of about 12 I was able to control and manipulate my dreams to what I would deem to be a high level of lucidity. I retained this ability into my mid twenties when it inexplicably became an impossible feat to achieve. As time went by, I stopped even attempting to reach a lucid state; I was just happy for a good night's sleep. Moving forward to my present age (32), I again find myself experiencing a lucid state of dreaming, but not in a way that I want. Which brings me to my problem.

For the last few months, at least twice a week, I have been experiencing a very disturbing, haunting and lucid dream that I can only control in so far as being able to wake myself up; which I often do. It always starts in the same way, I'm stood completely alone in a dark room. I'm aware that I'm dreaming and I attempt to control my surroundings, but I can't. Out of the darkness I see a large, full length gilt framed mirror appear. As I approach it I begin to see a reflection of myself begin to form. I move in for a closer look, but as I do I'm consumed with an emotion that I've only ever felt in a dreamstate and could only be best described as utter dread; like the presence of something utterly evil is approaching me. As the emotion intensifies, the image in the mirror beings to deform into a distorted, demonic version of myself, that smiles back at me with sharpened yellow teeth and piercing eyes. It's at this point that I pull myself out of the dream. I've so far not been able to stomach going any further with it.

As mentioned previously, I'm having this dream on a semi regular basis, and it always takes me about an hour to fall asleep again following it. My knowledge of dream interpretation is limited at best, and I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could shed a bit of light on the potential implications and causation, if only so I can address it in my mind and hopefully put an end to the dream.

I'm happy to provide any additional information that might assist. I will just add the following though - I separated from my partner 6 months ago and find myself single for the first time in almost a decade. I live alone and the house is, ironically, furnished with a large antique mirror.

I'm greatful to anyone who's read through all that. Hoping for a little insight:)

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