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A weird series of dreams with my grandfather

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:39 pm
by thepepsyy
My grandfather passed away 5-6 years ago. Few months ago I had a strange dream about him.
For some reason I was in front of the building where he lived and it was late afternoon.
I went inside the building, a neighbour opened the front door, I proceeded inside where there was the elevator, for some reason the elevator looked bad, it was somehow surrounded by dark energy or something. The lady who opened the front door for me, who by the way does not live there since she is a current neighbor of mine in a different building, warned me not to use the elevator and went inside, we were on the first floor and the elevator went down instead of up, I was hearing her voice as she kept going further and further down. After a while she came back and went off, I proceeded going up the stairs, my grandpa lived on the last floor the last apartment. I reached there almost in an instant, opened the door which was unlocked. I went inside and everything seemed bigger or I was smaller. I saw a man who looked like my grandpa sitting on a chair ( where he used to sit when he had a lunch). I went to him instantly but he did not move, I called him numerous times and on the 3rd or 4th time his head turned and his eyes were white, he looked blind, after that they turned normal as if he just woke from some weird dream someone put him in. All he said was “lemons”, after that i searched the fridge for lemons and gave him one.

The second dream was more reacent and shorter
I was in the same apartment yet again, he was on the couch this time, there was a nurse taking care of him. She went to the other room, he grabbed the remote to change the station and one of his favorite political journalists appeared, 15 years younger than he currently is( the journalist). Suddenly he fell asleep and I couldn’t wake him up, I started calling for the nurse, there was someone else with me there as well. I heard the nurses steps from the hall and she came, she had no face , she was much taller than me and her hands were jugging around as if she was some demonic doll.

Honestly these dreams bother me and creep me the f out.. i dont believe in stuff such as dead trying to communicate, but the second dream happened around his birthday, which i totally remembered after that, while i was trying to give myself some explenation why would I dream such weird scary/nightmarish thing with him I don’t even know the exact day all I know is the month. I don’t know if it’s from all the movies and stuff but it feels like he is trapped there and hes trying to ask for help.