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What is the meaning behind this scary dream?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:02 pm
by glennten
A dark elf woman brings us to door
Says if we stay we'll wish we won't have seen what happens here
Watch as she enters door and returns moments later with a cat
The cat is friendly
At this point I cannot recollect seeing the elf woman again
The cat is put back inside the room
It becomes trapped behind the door.
It's paw can be seen reaching out underneath the door clawing to escape
The door is open again and it becomes a black void and I can't see what's is behind it
Seemingly drawing people in and in an instant they are wrenched through almost supernaturaly
I see someone elses perspective as they are uncontrollably sucked through like the millenium Falcon travelling at warp speed in star wars.
Then standing back outside I watch someone get taken from my own point of view, like they are just ragdolled through as if something invisible reaches out and just takes them
Seems like they are sucked into the darkness in an instant
Very sinister feeling
My younger brother and I are the only ones left
We try to hide under a bed and pull it over us
As we make it under something crawls under with us at the head of the bed
We move backwards slowly but gaining speed as it crawls towards us
I can make out two ghostly white/greyish eyes of a humanoid figure seperated by a sheet entangled around me as it comes towards me and grabs my foot
I turn and produce a green object/medalion and say something like an incantation that causes time to reverse (exactly like the doctor strange medalion)
At this point I wake up