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Scary dream

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Scary dream

Postby Monkeybutt131613 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:17 pm

So I had this weird scary dream that I had woken from a dream. I reached for my cellphone it was off not everything was so clear the lights wouldn’t turn on I ran to the bathroom feeling sick like I was going to throw up, as I was running I was off balance falling heeling for my boyfriend whom wasn’t there. As I reached the bathroom the lights weren’t working the power was off I heard two kids a boy and a girl. I imidiatly ran back to the living room my phone was off it was a older one, a little girl came out of a room started calling me mom I was scared she wasn’t real I was scared she was trying to hurt me. I ran from the girl I hit the girl I was fighting her finally I decided to trust her I got my phone on it was broken though the screen most contacts were deleted but I remembered my boyfriends number dialed it and he answered. I remember hearing people in the hall talking, I remember taking care of the little girl making sure she was okay she kept calling for the little boy to come out but I was scared and he never came. I just remember thinking we have to go we have to get out of here before he comes out. I just don’t understand it I woke up so fast looking around making sure I was actually up.
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