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childhood dreams

PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:22 am
by Space and Time
I remember my old childhood dreams that I had as an kid in the 2000's, and I want to share them for the interpretation:

Dream #1
First of, I just want to tell this is one of the most epic and coolest dreams I ever had, heck I even used this dream as an story with my toys in the waking life.

I was in a very large and vast floating island. The locations that I remember there are is a medieval style town with lots of people and the corner of the floating island, where outside the island you see a sea of stormy clouds with lighting and with mix of floating and moving castle remants.

The dream is a little bit messy to explain it in order. All I know is that I was in a medieval style town, I intepreted it as a place where I live, there are lots of people (Crowdy) and ofcourse there was a kingdom ruling that town. I was later reached the corner of that floating island, being greeted with what I already explained. I tried to break (Glitch through) through that invisible wall to go outside the island, you know like those invisible walls in video games that doesent allow you to leave beyond the map level. Later that, I remember I was fighting fighting someone, a goblin like creature but It's body color is same as human body color. The fight happened in the corner of the island, I was pretty greatly strugled in that fight, but I managed to come up victorious in the fight, the dream ended with the stormy clouds with castle remnants disapearing completely, being replaced with solid ground, and yeah, a sunset, and I was managed to pass outside through that invisible wall.

Dream #2
That dream is as I could say "Stormy!".

There are more things happened in this dream, obviously, but I dont remember them much. But what I remember was this "Lighting monster" (As I call it), it is pretty big and tall looked from afar (I was standing in some random empty building), It's red colored with white outlines, I was facing it when standing indoors. All I know about this monster is that it roared pretty freaking loud as hell, with a mix of lighting around it, it happened twice. But the thing is, I wasnt that scared of the monster and It's loud roars either, I just keept standing indoors and looking at it.

Dream #3
This one does not have that lots of details, all I know is that I was playing UT2004, on that map called ONS-Articstronghold (Google the game and that map, I'm sure those who played UT2004 know this).

The thing is, when I looked beyond the map level, you know the invisible walls that prevent you from going outside the map level, I felt creepiness/fear, just looking beyond the map.