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The Apocalypse 3X

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:24 am
by mouseisquite
I've been having dreams of the apocalypse constantly- i just want to say that I have Thanatophobia which im guessing its why.

my first apocalyptic dream involved a giant spiritual person and a castle made out of pure silver.

my second one involved lions with 2 heads and dragons with red eyes and 11 heads and 7 crowns and a women on top of it and a giant blue snake that could talk coming out of waters of a beach. the sky was gray and it looked like the sky could actually break-like if it was glass.

my third apocalyptic dream was that I with other people was standing outside just looking at the sky- I saw gray heavy clouds start forming and going into circular motion as if a tornado were to form, except one didn't, and in the middle of the clouds appeared a black whole as if it was another universe or Galaxy was just right there- like i could see stars and colors and the dark blue color of space. and then out of no where I saw an asteroid coming towards earth into the whole- it was big , it was on fire, it was probably the size of the moon, i dont know but it was big. and people started running but I just stood there and i started crying.
i woke up from that dream just staring at my ceiling for im guessing it was an hour because after i realized i was still staring at the ceiling and checked the time it was 1:27 AM.

i am very aware that these are just dreams telling me what im feeling in my life, but why do i keep dreaming of the apocalypse??????!

most of the dreams ive been having have been giving me deja Vu like if ive been having these dreams over and over again but i just dont realize it And some dreams i have kinda pop in my mind and i just get this deja Vu feeling like ive had these thoughts before. like ive been dreaming and thinking the same thing repeatedly.
I also have Deja Vu on cerain smells and touch (or feeling) in teperature or weather. but thats normal.
could you please tell me what my apocaliptic dreams mean? im really tired of having these dreams. they make my anxiety worse. how can i improve my nighmares so i can rest more easily??

Re: The Apocalypse 3X

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:36 pm
by Batman
... your déjà vu these things as it’s heere like in :2cents: :2cents: :2cents: as it has a history ... (scripture/ old school cave painting type-Oh!

This is just a language that is En-crypted... like mummy talking from beyond your grasp of “Time”

As “history as a guide” scripture dates back thousands of years in which it is written that God pours out his spirit to give people these dreams... and .06¢

... as the era ends and a new era comes inn ... like going from DUMB too Umm déjà vu (call in Bat terms an echo :neer: as in Acts:2 - Bible saying of such visions and dreams... )

:geek: ... I say have fun with trying to decode/ decipher such good and bad dreams for the .06¢ ... as it’s just a form of comunication between two realms.. like catching a Hail Mary P)

Re: The Apocalypse 3X

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:07 pm
by mouseisquite
what the heck???... i guess that's interesting but its not really fun.

Re: The Apocalypse 3X

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:47 pm
by M71
There is a lot of "background noise" our subconscious pics up on through media proper and social media. With the things in our news alone, I don't find it odd that your brain would connect it with memories you have of bible passages. You can test your dreams against the prophecies and teachings of the bible to ease your mind, if you like. There are also some verses by Jesus to ease your Thanatophobia.