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Thunderstorm and stars

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Thunderstorm and stars

Postby freakout » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:34 am

I dreamed that I was watching a distant afternoon thunderstorm - after that, in the evening or night hours, I was looking at a little cloudy sky and I saw a Moon behind the clouds with two stars going across the sky (near Moon). They were going very close to each other and it looked like that they will meet at some point.
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Re: Thunderstorm and stars

Postby Varzandeh » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:14 pm

If one dreamt about the stars that were worshipped by pagan people means he will sit
with pagan people.
If dreamt a bright star fell on the ground and its light went off means a big scientist
will die in that region. The Bee/16.
If dreamt the stars were shivering means the governor or president will have
calamities and turmoil.
If dreamt a star fell on his head from the sky means he will receive benefits from a
If dreamt he took a star with his hand means he will have a child who will be close to
a governor.
If dreamt there was a star at his home means he will have a few children.
If dreamt the stars were turmoil and scattered there will be a problem among the
governors and they will scatter.
If dreamt the stars gathered in a place and had a good light means the governor's
situation will be good.
If dreamt he was eating a star means he will receive a benefit from the governor.
If dreamt the stars rose from his house means his children will be close to the
If dreamt the stars were obeying him means he was saying good words to the stars
means the governor is just and fair.
If dreamt he said rude words to the stars means the governor is cruel.
If dreamt the stars were fighting means there will be a war in that region.
If dreamt he took the stars and put them in his sleeve means he will receive some
If dreamt about by which the people find their way means a benefit and dreaming
about the stars that pagan people worship means a loss and evil.
If dreamt a star among the stars moved and fell on his side means he will have a dear
If dreamt his star was in his right place means his generation and family will increase.
If dreamt he was kissing a star means he will do a favor or goodness to an army
Some interpreters say; Stars mean soldiers and commanders or his brothers, sun
means the president or father and moon means the minister or his mother.
If one dreamt about Saturn means he will meet a rich but ignoble deceiver farmer.
If one dreamt about Jupiter means he will meet an honest chaste fair person.
If dreamt about Mars means he will meet a bloodshed evil commander.
If dreamt about Venus means he will sit with important women and will receive
benefits from them.
If dreamt about mercury means he will sit with a wise scientist and will have benefits
from him.
If dreamt a star spoke to him means he will receive some dignity.
Star may also mean: 1- a scientist 2- a judge 3- a caliph 4- a minister 6- a secretary 7-
a treasurer 8- a warrior 9- a student.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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